Cvijanovic's visit began with the Shoe Fabric "Dermal"

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, began a visit to Kotor Varos Municipality with a discussion with the management of the Dermal Footwear Plant.


Director Radenko Bubic informed the Prime Minister that since the establishment, the company has been recording steady growth in the number of employees as well as constant expansion of production capacities. Currently, they employ 800 workers in two plants, in Kotor Varos 600 and in the Knezevo 200 more workers.


80% of the production is sold to the foreign market. Exports to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovakia ... and all countries of the former Yugoslavia. Daily produce four and a half pairs of footwear.


Cvijanovic pointed out that "Dermal" is a successful company employing 800 workers, which confirms that the economic and economic situation in Srpska has improved. She recalled the Government's measures introduced during the crisis, in the field of leather, footwear and textiles, which produce results.


"It is a pleasure to see that this collective, as well as other factories in Kotor Varos, contribute to employment and that this municipality has managed to lower the level of unemployment to the pre-war level," said Cvijanovic.


In addition to Cvijanovic, Zoran Tegeltija, Serbian Finance Minister, visits Kotor Varos. After visiting Shoe Fabric, Cvijanovic will talk with the management of Kotor Varos Municipality and businessmen. The beginning of the meeting is scheduled at 3 pm in the building of the municipal administration, followed by statements for journalists.


Cvijanovic, who is the vice-president of the SNSD, will also attend a meeting with representatives of the coalition in Kotor Varos. The meeting will be held in the building of the municipality starting at 16.00. After the meeting, statements for journalists were foreseen.


Another 750 thousand KM for Kotor Varos Municipality


Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said in Kotor Varos that the Government invested about 70 million KM in this municipality, while another 11 million KM was invested through loans from the Investment and Development Bank Srpske.


After a meeting with the management of the municipality, Cvijanovic said that the Government will invest another half a million KM this year for the construction and reconstruction of the local road infrastructure in Maslovore, as well as for the reconstruction of the FK Mladost building, the National Library building and the Petar Petrović Njegoš Elementary School in Maslovari.


She stated that additional 250,000 KM will be provided for the Health Center, reconstruction of gynecology and laboratory, and that she, as the Prime Minister, will provide from other devices the purchase of ultrasound devices worth up to 40,000 KM.


The Mayor of Kotor Varos Zdenko Sakan said that he wants a good cooperation with all levels of government, including the Government of Srpska, and that he informed the Prime Minister about the problems and priorities of this municipality.


In addition to Cvijanovic, Zoran Tegeltija, Serbian Finance Minister, visits Kotor Varos.