Dermal employs new workers and expands production

Dermal Footwear Factory Kotor Varos has announced a public invitation to receive more workers in order to meet the needs due to increased production volumes.


Those interested in the job can apply to the Dermal Administration, and information can be obtained by telephone at the number 051 / 783-323.


The need for new workforce in "Dermal", which currently employs more than 500 workers, was opened by putting into operation new production lines and signing new business contracts with foreign partners. "Dermal" has signed two new contracts with the two largest European companies, which are engaged in the production of footwear. In addition, he extended contracts with all previous contracts with business partners, which ensured stable business.


Unemployed in Kotor Varos was able to get a job in the Sportek Footwear Factory, which yesterday also announced a call for the reception of a large number of production workers.