About Us

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Company DERMAL R LTD has been founded in 2002 as a trading company, and in 2004. it started producing footwear. Today DERMAL operates as one of the largest manufacturers of standard footwear in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, with 800 employees working in two modernly equipped production units located in the municipalities of Kotor Varos and Knezevo. With the help of our 800 employees, we produce more than 4000 pairs of footwear per day, which, besides the Balkan countries, we are placed in many other markets in Europe, such as Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Slovakia ...


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a modern company that respects the moral and legal standards of society, and in the first place meets the needs of its customers and employees.

Our vision is to expand on European and world markets with the goal of making DERMAL as the top quality recognizable brand .